Born on September 9th, 1990 at Cherbourg, Alain Mitildjan is an artist especially dedicated to recreate black & white pictures found on the net, about these following themes : aviation, cars and trucks, and portrayal. 

With a mechanical engineering degree specializing in aeronautical structures, he is currently working as an Outstanding Works Manager, for 7 years, on the Airbus A330 Final Assembly Line, in one of the main subcontractor company working for Airbus, AAA.

His inspirations come mainly from meticulously chosen photos on the net, in order to transform pictures as drawings, with his particular touch. 

Distinctions : 

- Exhibition performed on 2018 at Toussus-Le-Noble airport (France), focused on aviation. Most of his drawings were in A3 size, and framed.

- Three A3 drawings depicting the Airbus A330 with three different liveries :  Hawaiian Airlines, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), and SAA (South African Airways). these drawings were given by customer representative members, when they took delivery of their aircrafts, at Toulouse.
These drawings are from now on at Honolulu, Johnannesburg, and Copenhagen.